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To someone who walks to the beat of their own drummer. 


Dear S.S.,

Goodness, I love you. I cannot even begin a note to you without becoming overwhelmed with the amount of good you bring into my life.  You friendship is truly a unique treasure in my life, and it challenges me to be better every day.

I was thinking of you and praying for you this morning, and it struck me how excited I am for the new phase of our friendship that is coming up in a few months. Looking back on how our relationship has progress, it has been beautiful to see something grow so naturally in love and respect, and I thank God for you more and more as the years go by. I know that your priorities and lifestyle are about to be rearranged, but I wanted to take a moment to let you know how excited I am to learn how to love you well in the midst of them. I am thrilled that I can be nearby for you, and I thank you for always allowing me to be a part of your life, no matter what has been going on.

As I write these letters, I am struck by how many people have made an impact on my life. Your handprint on my heart has truly been a special, individual one, which is fantastic as it is always urging me to grow in new ways. Thank you for being steadfast in your love, insistent on reconciliation and maturity, and your contagious laughter. I see the world differently with you by my side, and it is a beautiful place. Can’t wait to hug you again soon.

With love,