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To someone who is in need of healing. 


Dear M. A.,

It feels funny to be writing such a strong, resilient woman a letter of encouragement, but so natural as well. Without hesitation, I can adamantly declare that you are one of the most incredible women I have ever known, and I am so overwhelmingly proud to be one of your adopted daughters, and so blessed that we are sisters under our King. How amazing is that?!

I wake up and go to bed each evening staring at a string of bible verses that your J. sent me back in undergrad. It wasn’t until today that I really noted the themes among them: victory, strength, healing, confidence, steadfastness. All wonderful encouragements. These common phrases show me the impressions of important things pressed upon her at home throughout her life. It makes so much sense; after all, how could she not be affected by the worldview of the most significant woman she knew? You have trekked through so much, and while there has always been a need for some healing (as there is for all of us, whether we acknowledge and seek it or not), your confidence has inspired those around you. Jesus is a tangible, certain thing for your family, and he will always remain its head, even through times of pain or doubt.  I may have been the first one to VBS, but I have gained so much spiritual wisdom from the likes of you and your kin.  I continually am indebted to you for the love, grace, and strength you exemplify in my life.  I love you infinitely and cannot wait to see you again.  Remember, I always have a place for my favorite visitors down here!

All my love,