A friend of mine challenged me to write a note to forty people during the Lenten Season. Each day, there is a qualifier: someone who inspired you, someone who is a good dancer, someone you haven’t seen in over a year, etc. I will say a prayer for that person, then post my note here. I’m already behind and am sure I won’t be consistent, but let’s try our best, shall we?


Day One: A Note to Yourself

Start with the tough one, fine.

Dear Lord, thank You for everything that this season signifies- Your great sacrifice, Your great love. I am consistently humbled to remember that You consider me part of your family.  Walk with me this season, Lord. Guide me and break the parts of me that need to be broken, and sustain me and love me through it. I want to be a better daughter to You, and there is so much in my flesh that hold me back. Mold me and use me for Your will today.  I love You. I love You. 

Dear Me,

First of all, you can do this and it’s going to be so wonderful. I am so looking forward to connecting emotionally with others that have touched my life over the years. Remember to be generous and humble with your words, serving each friend in love. Kindness and warm thoughts can go so far in a world that is getting colder and less outwardly-concerned. Can’t wait to look back on Easter and see where we’ve gone.