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Realizing that finals week is definitely causing me to lose points on this daily thing…

For the past two weeks, as deadlines and finals and commitments and insanity have been piling up, I’ve taken notice of a wide variety of people asking:

How’s it going?  How is your week?  How is life treating you?

And to be honest, I have had to bite back many vocal explosions containing the H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks word.  Because it sure felt like that at times.

Of course, burdening others with my nightmare would only add to my worry, so I’ve taken up the habit of stopping and counting to ten – (and by ten I mean three, because standing there in silence for ten seconds would get really awkward really quick) – and reminding myself of God’s continued goodness through it all.  His grace and love.  His blessings.

Today, however, I read another writer’s thoughts that made me stop and wonder how blessed I really am.  

It also made me wonder…… do I really want to be more (genuinely) blessed?  

Continued thoughts on this later, but read this article with me to get what we are talking about.  I was truly surprised.

“The One Thing Christians Should Stop Saying” by Scott Dannemiller