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I think finals week might kill me.

It’s funny how during undergrad, there were so many classes and so many assignments and so many people graduating that you had a list of a million things to do, and yet, you knew you were going to complete it all and have a jolly good time.

Now, in grad school, I have one class and one project and I have no faith in my ability to complete it.  Much less do I think my full-time work will be any good this week, and I definitely will be neglecting any friendships I have miraculously managed to maintain until now.

In the midst of it all, rejoice.

It’s my conviction this week, and I am certainly trying. And struggling. But truly trying.
There have been several moments of rejoicing, and it is helping me even as I jot this down to reflect on them.

A surprise.  Visiting with Second Sister.  A delicious birthday cake.  The warmth of sunshine. Nilla wafers. An amiable new acquaintance.
A brand new nephew.

God is faithful.  Yes, even during finals week.