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Today I was reading Tozer – – I love Tozer.  I mean, not quite as much as Jack, but I think they would have gotten along just dandy.

Anyway, Tozer gives me a little to chew on each day.
Which is funny-sounding to me, because this week feels like a time when I’ve “bitten-off-more-than-I-can-chew,” so it seems that my mouth is not large enough for a little Tozer tidbit in the midst of the insanity.

It’s pressure week at work – the week that our year’s work leads up to.  It’s also finals week (ah, grad school), not to mention the only week that worked for me to throw my beloved friend a bridal shower.  Do I feel prepared for even one of those things?

Tozer graced me with this reminder tonight:

But rejoice insofar as you share Christ’s sufferings

That’s from 1 Peter 4:13, English Standard Version.

Now, I don’t even nearly pretend that my “sufferings” are even a little bit like being estranged from society, taunted by demons, accused of high sins, and tortured and crucified.  Nope.  Can’t say I share those.

However, even in the smaller things in life, it is easy to be overcome with despair and feel incapacitated to go on.  But every act we perform can be for Christ’s kingdom; every moment a ministry.  One task at a time, we can rise above the hopelessness and rejoice at His goodness and coming, and trust that He will carry us through and make good on those rich promises.

I’ll be chewing on that, and hopefully not neglecting you all this week.