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Thank you for your patience.

imageIn case you were wondering, I didn’t run out of gas.

I think I would have died right then and there of embarrassment if that were the case.  But no, I had over half a tank and a car fresh from the rental place.  No logical reason exists as to why Elantra should have stopped dead in the middle of an underwater tunnel.

Talk about a literal nightmare coming true.

Gut-wrenching noises came from the hood as I invoked the Heavens and our inertia slowly disappeared.  Somehow in the midst of disbelief/shock/terror, the crisis-calm section of my brain dialed 9-1-1 and the flipping-out section erupted in a praise as I found I was (just) close enough to the tunnel’s exit to get some signal.

Have you ever been in a crowded place when suddenly it seems as though everyone is staring at you?  Yeah, that’s worse when it’s a tunnel and they have nowhere else to stare.

Suddenly, I was that person.  The one who blocked up the tunnel.  The type of person I have always thought about when going through those tunnels – at rush hour – and desperately thought I would never be.  Desperately hoped.

And now…

My car broke down spontaneously, despite my appeals.  However, I was provided with some astounding assistance: a police officer who was calm and gracious, a tow trucker who was efficient and protective of me, and a AAA officer who reminded me a lot of my dad and played my favorite radio station as we went to get a new car.  As utterly and mind-bogglingly horrific as the materialization of one of my worst fears was, I was taken care of every moment.  Sheesh.  Thank God.

And hey, it makes for a good story, right?      Slash blog post?